Restless Leg Syndrome

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Restless leg syndrome causes an uncontrollable need to move your legs, along with aching pain, unusual tingling, or crawling sensations. Restless legs may also signal another underlying problem such as blocked deep vein, or superficial venous reflux disease. If you have leg pain or restless legs, the physicians at Consultants in Cardiology and Electrophysiology in Chicago, urge you to protect your health and schedule a thorough evaluation of your leg veins.

Restless Leg Syndrome Q & A

What is restless leg syndrome?

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a disorder that causes an uncontrollable urge to move your legs. Its characteristic symptoms:

  • Begin while at rest: The urge to move your legs is triggered after lying down or sitting for an extended time, such as in a car or movie theater.
  • Worsen in the evening: Symptoms of RLS primarily occur at night.
  • Include nighttime leg twitching: Legs twitch and/or kick while you fall asleep and throughout the night, causing sleep deprivation and daytime fatigue.
  • Include unpleasant sensations: People with RLS may experience unpleasant sensations in their legs such as aching, throbbing, crawling, pulling, and itching.
  • Are relieved by moving: The need to move your legs may get better when you stretch or walk.

What causes restless legs syndrome?

RLS has a variety of possible causes. Some patients may have a genetic tendency toward developing RLS. However, venous hypertension is well reported to be a contributing factor for the appearance of the symptoms of RLS. Venous hypertension is the result of veno-occlusive disease or the malfunction of the valves in the superficial veins. 

You may have a higher chance of developing RLS if you have diabetes or kidney failure. It is also well reported in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Any time you have persistent pain in your legs or symptoms of RLS, please protect your health and contact Consultants in Cardiology & Electrophysiology for a thorough evaluation of the blood vessels in your legs.

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