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When you’re worried about the health of your heart, you need to know that your physician uses cutting-edge technology that produces such exquisite images of your heart that you can be confident in the diagnosis. At Consultants in Cardiology & Electrophysiology, we’re dedicated to using only the most advanced cardiac imaging devices and employing a team of experts to interpret the results. Contact us to schedule an appointment, and learn about our comprehensive services available at locations in the Greater Chicago area.

Ultrasound & Echocardiogram Q & A

How does your cardiologist diagnose heart disease?

Cardiac imaging -- using the most advanced tools -- makes it possible for the physicians at Consultants in Cardiology & Electrophysiology to view your heart and blood vessels. With detailed, high-resolution, three-dimensional and contrasting imaging, they can accurately detect the earliest signs of heart disease, then use that information to develop a treatment tailored to your unique needs.

What is transesophageal echocardiography?

Echocardiography uses ultrasound waves to produce images of your heart. A transesophageal echocardiogram produces a more detailed image because the ultrasound device is positioned inside your body -- in the esophagus -- rather than outside the body on your chest like a standard echocardiogram.

A very small transducer, the part of the device that emits ultrasound waves, is guided down your throat and into the esophagus. The sound waves released by the transducer echo off your heart and are sent to a computer, which interprets the echoes to produce an image of your heart.

Using this test, your doctor can evaluate the structure of your heart and detect many different heart conditions including heart valve disease, an enlarged heart, heart failure, and inflammation surrounding the heart.

What is computed tomography (CT) angiography?

Computed tomography angiography is a CT scan -- a type of X-ray -- that’s performed after a dye is injected that enhances the images of vascular structures. This type of image helps your doctor at Consultants in Cardiology & Electrophysiology detect problems in your blood vessels, such as blood clots, an aneurysm, and atherosclerosis, which is a narrowing of the vessel caused by cholesterol plaque.

A CT angiography may be recommended for preventive cardiac care if you’ve developed chest pain, or if you have any other symptoms of heart disease.

What is a cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)?

Cardiac MRI creates detailed images of your heart without X-rays or dyes. The MRI machine uses a magnetic field and also sends out radio waves, which bounce off the smallest structures of soft tissues in your heart to create precise images.

A cardiac MRI provides detailed images of heart muscles, valves, and chambers, and shows how well blood flows through the heart and vessels. As a result, it’s used to diagnose numerous heart conditions and to determine if there is tissue damage caused by a heart attack or heart disease.


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