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“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease”

William Osler

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Dr. Bump is a kind, caring, intelligent doctor. Not only does he listen, but he truly cares. My mother passed away due to a liver condition, but Dr. Bump was always there checking on her. One evening, he walked in to her room at ten o'clock and just sat with her. What doctor does that today? I see Dr. Bump now, and I trust him totally. Dr. Bump is the total package.

Laura A.

Dr. Spears was very professional and cordial. He answered all of my questions and was very accommodating in helping schedule my procedure. Sylvia was also very friendly, polite, and helpful. Highly recommend this practice.

Henry Edward V.

Dr Al-Khaled is my hero!! In 2001 I was 41 years old and suffered a heart attack most people would have not survived. Because of this man I have had 16 productive years and hope to have many more. There are no words to tell you the appreciation I have for this man and his heartfelt dedication to his craft!! It would be a million stars if I could !!

Jean O.

I was having atypical symptoms. One of my symptoms were upper shoulder pain upon extreme work outs. My primary doctor ordered a stress test and recommended Dr. Al Khaled. Upon review of my test Dr. Al Khaled ordered a angiogram. During the initial consultation he was understanding, patient and compassionate. I believe that Dr. Al Khaled saved my life. Due to the blockage in my artery being more severe than expected. I want to thank him and his staff for their outstanding professionalism.

James M.

Dr.Al-Khaled has been my Dr. for over 7 yrs. and has been very kind and caring in his treatment of my heart condition. I would not want any other Dr. handling my health concerns.

Janice C.

Dr. Al-Kaled saved my husband's life. Carl has severe coronary artery disease and had quintuple bypass surgery 10 yrs. ago. Dr. Al-Kaled's quick response on October 5, 2017 prevented my husband from having a massive heart attack. Dr. Al-Kaled is a kind and compassionate man who takes time to comfort the family and explain medical procedures. My two adult children were impressed with the excellent care that their Dad received from Dr. Al-Kaled. He treats patients as if they were a member of his family.

Barbara S.

Went with my husband to Dr. Al-Khaled. He is the most patient and kindly man. Has taken very good care of my husband for almost 9 years and would never change.

Marilyn P.

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Robbie W.

I could hardly walk on my first appointment. 3 procedures later I'm walking pretty well. Thank you very much Dr. Al-Khaled, Joanna Kos and Rachel Schultz for all you three have done for me.

Jeannette S.

Dr. Al-Khaled is one fantastic doctor. The pain in my legs and the varicose veins are gone. He is such a kind, caring man. I trust him totally. It is so remarkable when you feel comfortable talking to your doctor. He is that doctor. Thank you, Dr. Al-Khaled. I also want o give a shout out to his nurses and staff. I could not have done it without, Joann, Rachel, and Aireselee. They are the best! I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Al-Khaled and his staff. Thank you for everything!

Laura A.

My daughter is a patient of Dr. Rifai.. He saved my daughter...He wants no credit...It was like he does this everyday...You are so lucky to have him on your staff.....Do not ever lose him....We went to (THE BEST). University of Chicago...The best Cardiologist there.....Wait 5 months to see the best at Cleveland Clinic....The best was in our own back yard Dr. Rifai... Grateful.

Mariadrian L.

Awesome care providers. Doctor John Burke is the best Doctor I have ever had. He shows compassion in caring for my overall wellness. He's doing an outstanding job.

Maurice T.

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Dr. Nouneh is the best! He put a stent in my heart and unblocked my leg which was blocked for over 10 years! I thought I had to live with my leg pain . Ty Dr!

Phillip K.

Hello Dr. Rifai, I really appreciate your caring, wonderful and skilled bedside mannerisms. You always alleviate my fears and listen to my doubts. Thank you for keeping me as your patient. Take care of your self.

Jeannette B.

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